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Elementary School!

Lowell’s November Calendar

Lowell November 2020 Calendar

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Google Classroom Codes & Zoom Links

Teacher NameGoogle Classroom CodeZoom Links
Ms. Langhorn-S11
Ms.Langhorn's Classroom-mpnk7xb
Ms. S (SEL)- qen5si7
Mr. Soler (Technology)-thcmnlu
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-evyfoo6
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 2sk3rzc
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- rxynprt
Ms. Laitman-S12
Ms. Laitman's Classroom-du2swzr
Ms. S (SEL)- hegy3kf
Mr. Soler (Technology)-6ddzmw3
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-alm3fol
Ms. Braverman (Science)-5xyi4if
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- objijtz
Ms. Taddonio-S13
Ms. Taddonio's Classroom- q6lu2x6
Ms. S (SEL)- kgen75n
Mr. Soler (Technology)-mmagqjl
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-6wmqt5w
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 27qeuqc
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- bddg3ry
Ms. Kerrigan-S14
Ms.Kerrigan's Classroom-nm5p3b3
Ms. S (SEL)- s7mpun7
Mr. Soler (Technology)-fgcnhgf
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-f5evite
Ms. Braverman (Science)- rv4y2tl
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- zbyvyaf
Ms. Gonzalez-S15
Ms.Gonzalez's Classroom-odeqyoj
Ms. S (SEL)- ce3kqcl
Mr. Soler (Technology)-bekgrpd
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-5rae3dp
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 6m4luhs
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- upaegcq
Ms. Bard-S23
1st grade
Ms.Bard's Classroom-ng5l5xx
Ms. S (SEL)- jvugc4i
Mr. Soler (Technology)-bgsztbl
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-5rae3dp
Ms. Braverman (Science)- fe5mxoa
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- ozffihh
Mrs. Pincus-S24
1st grade
Ms.Pincus's Classroom-baszcwh
Ms. S (SEL)- o2cmhdv
Mr. Soler (Technology)-zpqpmb7
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-a3uj5iy
Ms. Braverman (Science)- svwznw6
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- cl7wvye
Ms. Karwoski-S25
1st grade
Ms.Karwoski's Classrom- 4sypbln
Ms. S (SEL)- 2av3qr4
Mr. Soler (Technology)-wjjxmpj
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-vr62nig
Ms. Braverman (Science)- zia65v6
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-mcxlfwf
Ms. Pier-S26
1st grade
Ms.Pier's Classroom-nr5xqia
Ms. S (SEL)- a6ec5il
Mr. Soler (Technology)-lp33yct
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-zdrpy26
Ms. Braverman (Science)- ntlgjvx
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- lnvwygg
Mrs. Weale- S28
1st grade
Ms.Weale's Classroom-tt4myce
Ms. S (SEL)- z7ywp74
Mr. Soler (Technology)- 43te4qk
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-7wkclxi
Ms. Braverman (Science)- b7oppn2
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-4zqkisy
Ms. Trider-S29
1st grade
Ms.Trider's Classroom-tholc2t
Ms. S (SEL)- pdmvold
Mr. Soler (Technology)-3glntib
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-v24fmf5
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 7iq64ae
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-dj4cqsw
Mrs. Ginsburg- 101
2nd grade
Ms.Ginsburg's Classroom-kq74c4x
Ms. S (SEL)- oti4ybx
Mr. Soler (Technology)-it3idt2
Ms. Vedensky (Music) - w54znfb
Ms. Braverman (Science)- jrzdvdw
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- m5vgxsh
Ms. Kelly- 104
2nd grade
Ms.Kelly's Classroom-ataxgvu
Ms. S (SEL)-iifwdjt
Mr. Soler (Technology)- 3ant3rx
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-jdqw7zb
Ms. Braverman (Science)- r37qinq
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)- 3vu4dna
Ms. Martin-107
2nd grade
Ms. Martin's Classroom-7buiaux
Ms. S (SEL)- vetf4rb
Mr. Soler (Technology)-oodez4r
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-ad7qd73
Ms. Braverman (Science)- ajs7gyv
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-6lp2hb3
Ms. Pond-108
2nd grade
Ms. Pond's Classroom-hlbmusa
Ms. S (SEL)- 7v2asp7
Mr. Soler (Technology)-75fnwsb
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-yzxaz47
Ms. Braverman (Science)- mvivch4
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-w2tgwbz
Ms. Forker- 109
2nd grade
Ms. Forker's Classroom-7q64img
Ms. S (SEL)- kvqz4ck
Mr. Soler (Technology)- ahetglb
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-eelb2a7
Ms. Braverman (Science)- lf73e27
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-7h2hmzn
Ms. Shackleton-303
3rd grade
Ms. Shackleton's Classroom-5hfibgr
Ms. S (SEL)- cq3q4qd
Mr. Soler (Technology)- uss3lse
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-uqlmp2r
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 7pqldma
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-uxrtc2o
3rd grade
Ms. Bertolet's Classroom-t7q4uie
Ms. S (SEL)- brel3lm
Mr. Soler (Technology)-wk4437c
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-vskfysps
Ms Braverman (Science)- cztsyac
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-zzdumqv
Ms. Dixon-308
3rd grade
Ms. Dixon's Classroom-aqrbpxg
Ms. S (SEL)- xujxzz3
Mr. Soler (Technology)- quudqqw
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-s3qqmct
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 2yzq2xs
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-tz3dl3i
Ms. Kimbel-309
3rd grade
Ms. Kimbel's Classroom-ikqztli
Ms. S (SEL)- fmoeqdv
Mr. Soler (Technology)- ozxbgbf
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-65e6fp2
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 24gx4kx
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-l6ebmld
Mrs. McKeown-310
3rd grade
Ms. McKeown's Classroom-b4bnsiz
Ms. S (SEL)- kk7dpx7
Mr. Soler (Technology)- e4uf73v
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-54ysflq
Ms. Braverman (Science)- i6rlgkw
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-avm6tem
Mrs. Chorneiko-203
4th grade
Ms. Chorneiko's Classroom-o5vil2e
Ms. S (SEL)- lygefa5
Mr. Soler (Technology)- sz4weyr
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-usmfaty
Ms. Braverman (Science)- 5fgck7y
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-jcmud26
Mr. Dempsey-206
4th grade
Mr. Dempsey's Classroom-v3w37nq
Ms. S (SEL)- vztur3o
Mr. Soler (Technology)- aljay2y
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-lfwlmjh
Ms. Braverman (Science)- n26ramo
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-uanjqpt
Mrs. McCann-207
4th grade
Ms. McCann's Classroom-
Ms. S (SEL)- homvql6
Mr. Soler (Technology)- asxtn4s
Ms. Vedensky (Music)- 4bheos2
Ms. Braverman (Science)- fjml4te
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-aubm3ax

Mrs. DeLussey-208
4th grade
Mrs. DeLussey's Classroom- g5r53bl
Mr. Soler (Technology)- va6jdt6
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-3xexyyt
Ms. Braverman (Science)- nyw46a7
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-5ixta5v
Ms. S (SEL)- 5fhibpv
Ms. Mullen-S17
Ms. Mullen's Classroom-ijjblyf
Mr. Soler (Technology)- d5hm6bo, komgibs, t5az7f2
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-eql25wa
Ms. Braverman (Science)- ytr2kba
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-dcurpbi, syhavu5, mownct7
Ms. S (SEL)-(K) 27wd7lt, (1) k5izp72, (2) jtw5b3y
Ms. Bowers-S18
Ms. Bowers's Classroom-5yzuyaq
Mr. Soler (Technology)- n6dbfbs
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-ucywkzi
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-oskhqf7
Ms. S (SEL)- (K) lx2wnvo, (1) 47qjhws
Ms. Braverman (Science)- ytr2kba
Ms. Brazela-S19
Ms. Brazela's Classroom-x3vritt
Mr. Soler (Technology)- 5cxj3hc, 7befe2t, yxnfvnt
Ms. Vedensky (Music)-65qchmb
Mr. Gagliardi (PE)-so2oush,hn6atsg,w5hyzpa
Ms. S (SEL)- (K) ahto3c6, (1) 74usyf5, (2) e5ha5ba
Ms. Braverman (Science)- nlx4imd
Ms. HartzellMs. Hartzell's Classroom-4yy72lo

NEW Student Registration During COVID-19

Student registration for all new students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade for the upcoming 2020 – 2021 school year will open on Monday, August 17th.

Register Online: You can electronically complete student enrollment forms and upload required documents through the K-12 online registration system (OLR). The system is secure and user friendly, which allows the District to verify all student and parent/guardian demographics and health information for the new school year. Registration may be completed using a computer/laptop or a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, iPad). The OLR system will be available in nine languages: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Albanian, French, Khmer, Russian, and Vietnamese. All applications received that indicate the student has an English Language Learning need will be handled exclusively by the Multilingual Assessment Center.

Register Over the Phone: You can contact the school directly to complete the registration process over the phone with the secretary. School secretaries will complete the online application on behalf of the parent/guardian based on the information provided.

Register In-Person: The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will offer in-person registration services by appointment only for families unable to register online or by phone. In-person registration will be available twice a week from 10:00am – 2:00pm at the Education Center. An appointment is required, no walk-ins accepted.

Register by Paper/Drop Box Service: The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will accept and process paper applications. A secure drop box will be located in the lobby of the Education Center, and available for families to submit paper registrations during regular office hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm. Families will place the application as well as proof of address and immunization records into a manilla envelope that will be provided near the drop box location. The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will work with families who do not submit all of the required information.


INTRODUCING!!  Lowell’s Listen to a Story Page

Listening to stories is a very important part of learning how to read.  Join your teachers as they read aloud their favorite stories.  CLICK HERE or go to the Read Aloud Page in the menu at the top.  New stories will be added each day.  Get comfy and enjoy it.

Lowell Staff Remote Teaching Schedules and Contact Info

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Need to talk to the counselor?  Ms. Cheng has a website with some resources that might help.  Click here

Contact Ms. Cheng

Office Hours: Mon. Tue. Thur. Fri. : 11:00-12:30; Wed 9:00-10:30


Phone/Text: 267-416-5765

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Food Benefits Program

Food benefits (P-EBT) cards will be distributed to qualifying families. Learn more and update your address here.

Need working papers?

Limited hours and times and increased safety protocols apply

Medical Benefits Help

If your children need health insurance, either because they never had it or because your benefits have changed during the COVID crisis, our partners at PCCY can help you apply.

Covid-19 SDP Parent Guide

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