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This Summer, we read The World According to Humphrey! Please see the links and videos:

Week of July 30 

Remember to keep reading, “The World According to Humphrey”; you should also be reviewing the reading, math, and science work from your Getting Ready workbook.

Here are some read alouds to help you!
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:

Grade 1-2 Questions:
Chapter 11 & Chapter 12
Why do you think A.J. is always loud at school?
Write about something you can do instead of watching TV.

Chapter 13 & Chapter 14
How did Humphrey help the Brisbanes?
Write about a way you could cheer someone up.

Chapter 15
What does Aldo want to get Maria for Christmas?
What news did Garth share about his family?

Grades 3-4 Questions:
Chapter 11
What was AJ’s house like? What do we learn about AJ when it comes to his family and homelife?
What is the catastrophe that happens at AJ’s house while Humphrey is visiting? Do you think this event is a good thing or a bad thing for the family? Explain.

Chapter 12
Who comes to help AJ take care of Humphrey while he is visiting AJ’s family? Why may this be a problem? Does this event en up being a problem?
What changes in the classroom after Humphrey visits AJ’s home?
Who was Humphrey going home with over the holiday break?

Chapter 13
What do we learn about Ms. Brisbane’s homelife in this chapter? Use specific examples from the text to describe.

Chapter 14
What were some activities that Humphrey did at the Brisbane house? What lesson did he teach Mr. Brisbane?

Chapter 15
Who was able to bring Humphrey home finally?
Who was the Santa Claus of the class? Why was this important? What did Santa bring for Humphrey?
Who came for a visit in Room 26?

Week of July 23

Remember to read, “The World According to Humphrey”; you should also be working on Week 6- Week 9 in your Getting Ready workbook.

Here are some read alouds to help you!

Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:

Grade 1-2 Questions:
Chapter 7 & Chapter 8
Why doesn’t Sayeh like to talk in class?
How do A.J. and Garth treat Humphrey? How does it make Humphrey feel?

Chapter 9 & Chapter 10 :
What is one exciting thing that happened to Humphrey this week ?
What are some mean things that Garth does in the classroom?

Grades 3-4 Questions:
Chapter 6
Who sent the class a postcard? What do we learn about this person?
Who was the first person to be chosen to take Humphrey home? Make a prediction on what you may learn about this student and her family when Humphrey is visiting this family.

Chapter 7
What do we learn about Sayeh and her family while Humphrey is there for the weekend? What does Humphrey help Sayeh and her family do? How does this make Sayeh feel?

Chapter 8
What did the students do during their celebration at school? Who was awarded for their performance? Why do you think this is important for this character?

Chapter 9
What was Miranda Golden’s house like? What obstacles did Humphrey go through during his stay? Use evidence from the text to support.

Chapter 10
What do we learn about Garth in this chapter? Make a prediction on how room 26 is going to help Garth when it comes to taking Humphrey home despite his problem.

Week of June 20 

Here are the questions for the first 5 chapters:
Grades 3-4:
Chapter 1
What is wrong with Humphreys cage and how is he using that to his advantage?
Compare and contrast Ms. Mac and Ms. Brisbane.
Draw a picture of the cage as described in chapter 1.

Chapter 2
What is nocturnal? What animals are nocturnal?
Who is Mr. Aldo and what do we know about him? What do Humphrey and Mr. Aldo do overnight?

Chapter 3
What is the deal that Ms. Brisbane made with Sayeh?
Make an assumption as to why Sayeh may not want to participate in class?
What was Humphrey worried about at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 4
What was the plan that the room mothers came up with when it came to making sure Humphrey was not left alone over the weekends?
Who ended up taking Humphrey home the first weekend? What did Humphrey learn about this person?

Chapter 5
What did Humphrey do in this chapter? What lessons were learned from Mr. Morales and his children?
What was the one thing that Mr. Aldo wanted? How was Hunphrey trying to help him in this chapter?

Here are some read alouds of Humphrey to help this process.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

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